Re: {Collins} Wanted: 32V-3 Low Voltage Transformer

Even if you find a replacement lv transformer it's going to be just as old and susceptible to high voltage breakdown as your damaged one.  A few years back I acquired a gorgeous 32V-3 with a known blown LV transformer.  It had oozed black tar all around the rear of the chassis.  Instead of putting in another old transformer I had GARY BROWN rewind the original transformer.  He did a fabulous job and I know that transformer will be reliable for the next 50 years.  

I don't have Gary's email but you can find it on the internet.  He is in MAINE and sells electronics, tubes, and does transformer rewinding.  I removed the transformer (not a trivial task considering how the transformer terminals are difficult to reach), shipped it to him, he rewound it in something like 4 weeks, and returned it.  In 2009 I paid $140 for the rewind plus shipping both ways.  Clearly the bargain of the century.  While I'm sure his prices have gone up, what hasn't,  this would be the approach I would take again in a heart beat. 

Here is another option that you've likely considered.  Usually the breakdown is between the HV rectifier filament winds and the rest of the transformer.  If you're looking to get it back on the air inexpensively, if the transformer itself still works, then consider disconnecting the HV rectifier filament leads, and solid state the HV.   I'm not recommending this.  I am merely pointing out that this is an option.  I had a KWS-1 at one time where this had been done.  

Good luck.  

73, Scott WA9WFA 

Looking for HBR IF Transformer & BFO, or junker or uncompleted HBR for parts

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