{Collins} Gear for sale

Hi All:

I have a bunch of Collin gear from my collection that I am looking to sell.  All high end gear, working well and looking great.
1. Collins 75A1 Receiver.  100% restored.
2. Collins 75A2 Receiver.  Has the rare Metal (not bakelite) escutsion.  Restored.
3. Collins 75A3 Receiver. Has two filters 2.1 and 8 KC bandwidths.  Restored.
4. Collins 32V3 Teansmitter.  Looks like it was just unpacked from the box.  100% execellent condition. Original Paint, etc.
5. Johnson Ranger.  On the air and working perfectly.  Has PTT.
6. Collins 32S2/75S2 S-Line.  Ridiculously scarce and on the air right now.
7. Collins 32S1/75S1 S-Line.  Restored.
8. Collins 75S3B/32S3 S-Line.  A scarce transitional Round Emblem.  100& restored and on the air right now.
9. Central Electronics MM2 Multiphase RF Monitor Scope.  Works perfectly.
10. Johnson Baby Matchbox with Power Meter and Sampling Unit.
11. Collins 312B4 Consoles RE and WE
12. Collins 75S3/B WE Receiver.
13. A Reproduction 270G1 Speaker with the correct Lumaline Lamp and front hood.
Give me a call at 708-653-2044 or email wklinn@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss further.
73--Wally W9BEA

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