Re: {Collins} 30L-1 Plate and Tune Knobs


Unless they have pieces missing they can be easily restored to look like
new.  New Spun aluminum inserts are also available.
My ex-Marine Corp 30L-1 knobs looked terrible when received.  Today no one
would ever guess.  Dakaware knobs are the best!  You can file smooth, sand,
buff with 0000 steel wool, and polish with plastic polish (or my favorite -
Mother's Mag Wheel Polish! From your local auto parts store).

You will likely spend less time restoring them than your search on Google to
bring them back to like new.

73 Dave WI6R
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Hi Group, I have almost completed the restoration of ser# 15048 30L1.
The plate and load knobs are a little beat up. Does anyone know a source for
a fresh set? I have done a google search with no luck.

Also after bead blasting the cabinet and trim ring I found the serial number
metal stamped in the top of the trim ring. It was under the primer and
paint. Has anyone ever seen this before? 
de KA1W   "Dave" 


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