{Collins} Collins HF Gear FS

Updated my list again. I have a few more pieces of Collins gear from my collection that I am looking to sell.

1. Collins 75A1 Receiver. 100% restored.

2. Collins 75A2 Receiver. Has the rare Metal (not bakelite) escutsion. Restored.

3. Collins 75A3 Receiver. Has two filters 2.1 and 8 KC bandwidths. Restored.

4. Collins 32V3 Teansmitter. Looks like it was just unpacked from the box. 100% execellent condition. Original Paint, etc.

5. Collins 32S2/75S2 S-Line. Ridiculously scarce and on the air right now.

6. Collins 32S1/75S1 S-Line. Restored.

7. Collins 75S3B/32S3 S-Line. A scarce transitional Round Emblem. 100& restored and on the air right now.

8. Central Electronics MM2 Multiphase RF Monitor Scope. Works perfectly.

9. A Reproduction 312A1 Speaker with the correct Lumaline Lamp and front hood.

I can meet you on the air to demo any of the above equipment. This is all excellent equipment, no rust, dust or mildew and it all works FB. I never collected junk.  If it needed restoration or repair, it got done.  Now is a good time to get in on the ground floor to acquire some good working and collectable Collins Gear. 

Give me a call at 708-653-2044 or email wklinn@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss further.  		 	   		  

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