{Collins} For Sale: 500 khz 8 pole IF filter/ Product detector BFO crystals

Anyone have a 500 khz IF receiver?
I have something for you:
For sale:
500 khz 8 pole crystal filter plus USB/LSB bfo crystals.
This is a subassembly pulled from a Rycom, tube type frequency selective voltmeter.  The machine had provisions for detecting USB/LSB via it's crystal controlled product detector and had a 8 pole IF filter with three positions: 100 hz - 3 khz - 10 khz  via 3 position wafer switch (1/4 inch shaft).  Add a coupler and 1/4 inch shaft for front panel control The filter is mounted in an anodized mini-box and has bnc connectors for in/output.  Also two adjustable RF transformers at the in/output.
BFO crystals are: 501.470 khz and 498.530 khz for a total of 10 500 khz crystals. I sold my R-388 so we are out of 500 khz IF receivers to experiment with. Picture is available upon request.
Price is $50 plus actual postage to your door.
Thank you
Kinston NC

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