{Collins} SK Radios

We are back with some prices

75A1 that she says was working .  (CCA very good)
270 G-1 speaker      (CCA very good)  $200
32v3.                       (CCA very good)  $500
She would like to sell the 3 as a package for  $1000

75A2 that was working with a Johnson Valiant.  (CCA very good)  $400

Johnson Valiant.  The on off switch is inop and he was powering off and on
it with a power strip.  $350

75A4 with the Collins 3kc filter and I think an adapted to 75A4 6kc filter.
It has a 4.1 dial that has a chip out of the inner skirt.
The serial number is 5269.
She doesn't know if it has been run recently.  It was connected to power and
antenna so I would say that it has.  I don't want to power it up without
checking the capacitors. If needed I can pull it out of the cabinet and
check the capacitors for type.  (CCA Very good)

I have external pictures of them and can supply out of cabinet pictures if
there is interest.

She would like local pickup but They possibly can be shipped.  The 32V3 is
very heavy.
I will be going to Southern California to pick up a motorcycle and can
possibly deliver.
We are located in Pima county NW of Tucson, AZ

Email Rosie at RosieW@xxxxxxx with offers and questions and CC me.

73,John K6HSG

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