Re: {Collins} S-Line Lever Switch Knob Removal, other tips needed

Try unscrewing them
de KA1W   "Dave" 

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> Subject: {Collins} S-Line Lever Switch Knob Removal, other tips needed
> To: collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 2:14 PM
> Hi gang,
> I've just started restoration of my first S-Line piece with
> lever knobs - my 312B-4.  I need advice on how to
> remove the two lever knobs without marring them.
> So far, I've tried the thick rag on the trim ring and and
> around the switch knob, then prying with a long nose pliers,
> but I chickened out almost immediately.  I did not
> apply much pressure - thought I'd consult the group
> first.  I know these come off, because I just saw one
> for sale on Ebay.
> The humongous paper capacitors are still present, two
> terminal strips are broken in half and the associated
> resistors have snapped off their terminals from fatigue due
> to the inertia of the heavy caps.  Any repair
> techniques for the broken terminal strip bakelite so I don't
> have to change them?
> It also appears that bugs have eaten around the edge of the
> speaker to some extent, but the speaker does not rattle from
> 100 Hz thru 3500 Hz when tested with an audio
> generator.  Any paper repairs and methods to recommend
> so I can maintain originality?
> How does one remove the round mic plug retainer ring
> without marring it?  This one seems to be stuck from an
> earlier bubba attempt (possible damaged jack threads), and I
> cannot remove it by rotating the jack from the rear like
> I've always done in the past.  I certainly don't want
> to look for another one of these jacks!
> Any advice on the above would be appreciated!
> Jack  W3RU
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