Re: {Collins} Value of Collins

I have a KWM-2 with a 51S-1 as a SO2R station and an S line 3 series along with B&C Drakes for Topband, I also have an Icom IC-7000, of which is a great performer, I use the Icom as a 'spotter' and have it linked to a Drake L-7 linear just in case I need a quick qso, if I can hear some DX on the Icom I can certainly work it on the Collins, I would say that the Collins definately out performs the Icom on 80-20-15 and 10m but the Icom is better on 40m for some reason. I just wish that the Collins sideband transmitters and tranceivers worked on topband, in my opinion that would have made them outstanding. Mind you my Sherwood Drake C line RX takes some beating but the Collins wins on aesthetics.
73 Max

Thanks for posting this. We rarely see an objective comparison of this sort. It confirms what I've suspected all along. The best vintage gear was getting pretty close to the theoretical limit of performance for SSB, so (with the possible exception of DSP), it's not actually possible to outperform it by any significant margin. The advances have been in speed and convenience (as mentioned) and affordability.


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