{Collins} problemo with antenna

The storm ripped through here pretty good last nite.  I lost a middle guy on
the north pole, but the pole remains upright.  I have three guys at
midsection and three at the top.  The one that failed was anchoring to the
SW.  Gusts were S by SW.   Figures.  This is the first guy failure in the 13
years the antenna has been up so considering how lightweight the lines are,
I can't complain.  All guys are original and only 3/32" dacron.  I was
desparate at the time to keep the lines less visible due to XYL and neighbor
feelings.  I really preferred 3/16"  Dropping one of those tall poles is a
tricky proposition.  These things barely went up and neither have come down
since.  Things will have to dry up well on the roof before even a temporary
repair is attempted because I've got slippery moss on the north side.  I'll
probably see what Mitch is up to as the wx improves.  Meanwhile, the big
wire will stay relaxed and I'll cross my fingers when the next storm comes
in tomorrow.

I will be on this coming Fri at reduced power.

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