Re: {Collins} 6293 Tube Instead of 6146

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> Subject: Re: {Collins} 6293 Tube Instead of 6146
> I agree with you Jim. If you stretch the published  current rating of the
> 516F-2 you maybe can expect only 40 years of good service instead of 50. It'
> a pretty well built supply. Only problem I can see with pushing the amp much
> harder than rated values is the quality of the signal and if a person
> monitors with a scope and doesn't overdrive the amp you can probably sneak a
> little more out of the finals. But on the other side why push it for the
> extra 15 to 25 watts you would get. That's what we use a linear amp behind
> the transceiver or transmitter for. 30L-1s and 30S-1s both look cool with
> the station also. All being said it's still best to run everything on the
> conservative side. The real plus side of selecting tubes should be the
> longevity as they are continuing to increase in price. (Remember 50 cent
> 811As and 6146s)
> Tom 
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> > The 516F-2 power supply cannot handle the extra capabilities of the
> 6146B/8298A.
> > Therefore, it doesn't matter which of the 6146 family of tubes are 
> > used in
> the KWM-2-
> > series (or S-Line) because you are still limited to the 6146 power 
> > levels
> because of the
> > power supply's limitations.

 Another option would be to build a bigger PS or to use a couple of off the shelf lab supplies such as the big Lambdas or Kepcos you still can get at the end of the hamfest cheap.

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