{Collins} No Transmit with 30L1

Hello to the list, and especially the 30L1 gurus--

I have acquired a 30L1 that I'm told (of course) was working.  It does not transmit under the following conditions:

a)  Cables are connected properly to a 32S3 tuned and loaded to 200ma.

b)  1800 Volts  B+ is available and 165 Volts is shown at J3 (Ant Relay) on the 30L1.

c.   The 32S3 Ant Relay function is good (i.e. shorts in transmit).

d.   The 811s are good as well as the grid resistors  R21-24.

I suspect  the 30L1 relay K1 is not working.  I can't hear it switch over (but that doesn't mean anything because my hearing is shot anyway).  Is there a way to check the function of K1 without going into the 30L1 hot?  Is there something else I might be missing on this problem?  

Thanks.  Brian K9VKY

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