{Collins} FS: 75A-4

I listed this earlier with along with couple of issues it had. I spent the last couple of days correcting the problems and I'm now offering my 75A-4 for sale with no problems. This receiver is in very good condition, the cabinet and panel are excellent. All the black beauties have been replaced with "orange drops." Recently aligned and the sensitivity is better than 1uv on all bands. S-9 is 100 uv on all bands except 75 where 100 uv is S-8. The power supply choke was replaced years ago with a huskier one. This receiver has both mixers converted to dual triodes (April 1970 HamRadio; copy included). This really lowers the noise! Included is a CD with the manual and service bulletins. Email for pictures. Asking $975 plus shipping. I may consider trades and am also open to offers.

Thanks for looking,

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