{Collins} 30L1 Follow Up

It looks to me like the relay in the previously discussed 30L1 is no good.  The problematic 30L1 was properly connected to and driven by a 32S3, had 1900 Volts B+ available, and -160 Volts available at the Ant Relay jack, but would not transmit.  There are still a couple of puzzles, though.

1)  Why is it the voltage measured at the Ant Relay jack (J3) is the proper 160 VDC, and yet the relay is rated at 115 VDC?

2)  As long as I had the back off the amplifier, I physically closed the Ant Relay expecting to see the idling current of around 110 Ma.   The meter  read zero when the contactor was depressed.

3)  Is there something from "The Big Picture" that I'm missing here?

4)  Is there a source for the relay available other than the well known mid-western surplus supply center?

Regards, Brian  K9VKY

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