Re: {Collins} FS 516F-1


At 06:36 AM 3/29/2011, Dutch Maurer WB7DYW wrote:
I have a very nice Collins 516F-1 power supply for the KWM-1, it has been recapped and the bias diode replaced the cords are in good condition and has the correct connector for the KWM-1, cabinet is nice and has a new set of tubes, please contact me off list for hi-rez pictures... 73's Dutch WB7DYW CCA Member #918 Success is not a place in time, it is an attitude? ________________________________________________ SHARE THE FUN: JOIN THE COLLINS COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION TODAY ! NETS: Tues & Thur: 3.805 MHz-2000 Central + Fri: 3.895 MHz-2000 Pacific SUNDAYS: 14.263 MHz-2000 UTC + AM Net: 29.050 MHz-1200 Central 1st Wednesday AM Net 3.880 MHz-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT) LIST HELP? ADMIN EMAIL: collins-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx This ONLY goes to the list admins and does not post to the group!

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