Re: {Collins} Collins gear at Belton fest

I'll have a KWM380 at the hamfest in Belton. See it INSIDE at site.

Actually, I have three KWM380's and one HF380 for sale and I will post prices later. In a hurry to get loaded to leave in the morning.

I'm recaping/repairing/refurbing/aligning three 75A4's and two 51S1's and a KWM2 and KWM2A and PS1... I will be finishing these up for sale in the next months. Will post prices later as they are ready for use.

Bob Hardie

and the beat goes onnnnnn!

Good will and happiness is contagious.
So don't stop spreading it.

SEE my website:
aka: A25UQ, V31UQ&  VP2EEU. is accurate for all calls.
I Will be adding ZF2UQ in July.

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