{Collins} Gold Dust Twins for sale

The previous owner of these treasures, a local Elmer who moved away and needed to leave them behind, told me he was only their second owner.  

Before being taken out of service this summer, they were in working order, regularly used.  
In my shack the 75A-4 performs beautifully and rates an Excellent Condition grade on the CCA scale.
I've not run the KWS-1 myself (since I haven't to this point wired a 220v socket) so cannot make a confident statement of its operability.  While it is also is in excellent physical shape, I can only grade it Good Condition due to the uncertainty.

Details include:

75A-4 -- SN 775
KWS-1 -- SN 38 (the number was not printed in the blank on the back but inside on the chassis).
Collins console speaker
Astatic D-104 microphone
Original "Instruction Book" for each.  The 75A-4 book is the 1 October 1955 edition.  The KWS-1 book is the 15 October 1955 edition.
2 extra photocopies of each book in 3-ring binders for bench reference.

I will entertain reasonable offers at or above $2500.  

The purchaser will assume responsibility for shipping.  I live in central Missouri, near Columbia.  Pick up would be ideal. I'll be driving to the Dayton Hamvention this spring so could bring it there or drop it off along the way, if necessary.

I will happily send photos off the list as requested.


Michael James Hauan, ACØG
email:  ac0g@xxxxxxxxx
home:  573-642-8150
cell:  573-823-7114

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