Re: {Collins} Dial setscrew tool

I doubt seriously is Sears, Lowes etc. will have the correct tool.

It is a BRISTOL Spline drive and ONLY Bristol wrenches will work. If you use a conventional Allen wrench, you will destroy the set screw splines.

These are available from the Bristol Wrench Company. Xcelite also makes (made??) a set of them but they were a bit pricey (??$40 a set). I also believe Mark, KE9PQ has excellent quality sets available on his website.

These eventually evolved into what we call "Torx" drives today, but they are NOT compatible. The Spline drive is much more costly to produce but yields superior torque capability. They are also used on Hallicrafters radios and were quite common before the advent of the TORX drive.

You only need 4 or 5 sizes for 99% of the radio uses. The Bristol website will give you lots more info.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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Can someone tell me the type and size of the tool required to loosen the two set screws on the dial shaft of a 75s1? Would it be available at a Sears hardware, Lowes, etc.


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