Re: {Collins} Dial setscrew tool

I had bought the set from Mark, KE9PQ, and while they ARE high quality, and priced right, I found them awkward to work with, in a few situations. I then broke down and bought the Xcelite set that Richard mentioned.

But don't use the Excelite set when the set screws are bound really tight. Last week, when trying to remove the tuning knob from a 75A4, I broke the 99-62 sized wrench. The long length of the Excelite wrench is nice for deep recesses, but it's a detriment when the screws are overly tight. The shaft begins to twist and if the twist exceeds its breaking point -- tool destroyed. I now have an Excelite 99-62 on order. Consider keeping the smaller set as KE9PQ sells in instances where set screw removal is really tough.

In the case of the 75A4 tuning knob, the access holes are just a bit larger than the set screw diameter and visually locating the screw head is nearly impossible even with a bright light focused down the access hole. Otherwise, one could probably apply a drop or two of anti-seizing fluid. For me, the only solution was to use the smaller length spline set where twisting is minimum.

Paul, W9AC

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