{Collins} Solid State Rectifiers for HV & Hi Current supplies like 516

There was a flurry of consternation a short while back regarding failure of
5R4 solid state rectifier replacements in power supplies like the 516 and I
just KNEW that I had the answer but it took me awhile to find it. 

The current company (possibly the only one left.) that makes ALL of them
from 0Z4 thru weird stuff like 25KV at 1.5 amp replacements for B370 killers
and they are top-class mil-spec stuff you can trust; the military & FAA buys
them for their radar. 


See them at www.EDAL.com and if you want the 5R4 unit look up their part
number 1N2632 or 1N2639 for a higher current model which are an exact
replacement with 200 ma and 500 ma current spec respectively.  They also
have the 1N2637 which I have for the 866 rectifiers too.  Download their
complete catalog at this link:


Robert L. (Bob) Burchett WB6SLC

22826 Mariposa Ave. 

Torrance CA 90502




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