{Collins} New to the list - and a few questions

Hi All
Just joined the list.  Currently have four Collins receivers:  a Collins R388 and three Collins R390A's.  I've been a current ham since 1962, a big Drake fan (4-Line), but always lusted after Collins gear.  I'm almost an exclusive SSN operator, but am getting intrigued by going AM once in a while.  So, the questions (and I 'm sure this will stir the water):
Based on the above description, having max transmitting power, and wanting to keep the rig able to work off 115VAC lines, what would be good recommended models of both Collins receiver and transmitter to buy?
What is the best web location(s) to educate myself on the above and Collins gear in general?
Can Collins gear, and the above recommendation, work on 12 and 17 meters?
Thanks all.  It's great to be on the list! 

-- Steve Toth, K7PZN
   near Seattle, WA
"If you can't fix it with a hammer and duct tape,  you've got an electrical problem"

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