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George -

The carbon comps are made by "Ohmite" but 1W is as big as Mouser goes. They look like 'real' carbon resistor, color bands and all!

ONLY $2.18 EACHfor the 47 ohm, 1W.

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Bill Carns wrote:
You need to be careful with metal oxide resistors, Some are quite inductive
and do not work well, and you will wind up with low gain.

I think it is Ohmite that has a metal oxide resistor that is specifically
advertised as a carbon comp replacement and as being non-inductive. The
Budster, K7RMT, used them and I have some in the shop but do not remember
the part number. They work really well.

Does anyone else have that part number?

This thread has shown up before, and I would suggest searching the archives,
but they are still not working.

By the way, we have checked on the archives, and there was a problem (They
were going to make them listserve "private" where you had to log on to
listserve to use them - BUT we balked at that). They are now making the
archive searching public for us, but that required rebuilding the search
listing on another portion of the server bank, so it is taking more time.
They are coming they say within a week.


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I am going to replace the resistors in the grids of the tubes of my 30L-1.
The parts list says 1 watt, 47 ohm, composition.  Several have recommended
going to 2 watt resistors.  Composition resistors seem to be a thing of the
past.    Are "metal oxide" resistors OK to use?


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