{Collins} Relay to the list for Bob re 32V-1

I am relaying this to the list for Robert because he is having difficulty
posting it.
Please reply directly to him and not to me or the list. Thanks

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Subject: 	32V-2 Question
Date: 	Tue, 04 Dec 2012 15:39:18 -0600
From: 	Robert Lawson <w4rl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

To: 	collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Will the two chassis handles on the front panel of a 32V-3 turnkey fit on
the front panel of a 32V-2?   I'd like to put them on my V-2 when servicing
it.... i.e. pulling the chassis out and pushing it back in the cabinet.
Seems the tips of me fingers are revolting on me at this point on my time
line in life. 

tnx es 73 de robert w4rl Pensacola  

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