{Collins} 240 vs 120 on the 30L-1

I don't know how many times the issue of running an amplifier off 120 or 240 comes up. It usually revoles around whether or no the output power will be greater on the input voltage than on the lower one. I've been working on my 30L-1 the past few weeks and in order to use a variac, I've been switching back and forth from the 120 and 240 wirings. While I was at it I took some notes and thought I'd share what I found.

Normally I run the amp on 240. When I was testing the amplifier I had it all set up on 120, so when it came time to drive it I brought it into the shack and plugged into the nearest wall outlet. Wow, I I really saw a drop on the voltage, down to 1550 volts with 600 ma loading. That was a real suprize so my first impression was that there was a real advantage to running it on 240.

But when I got all done I ran another test. This time taking the 120 and 240 from the "brake-out" box at my station. This is fed with a 20 amp 240 line, so the net result was that whether on 240 or 120 the amp was essentially plugged into the same place. Now I was seeing exactly the same ideling (1800 volts) and loaded to 600 ma (1650 volts) regardless of the input voltage.

So, my take is that if you can plug the amplifier into the same outlet for 120 or 240, you will see exactly the same voltages and output. But, when you get your 120 from some other house wiring you will see lower voltages.

Maybe this answers some questions; maybe it just confuses things. Take it for what it is worth.


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