Re: {Collins} Collins desk at the 1964 NY World's Fair?


I was a two two month old novice when I visited K2US in August of 1964; wide eyed from all of those Hallicrafters rigs (home QTH had only a Knightkit R55 and a homebrew two tubed xmtr).  But no Collins when I was there.


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Hi John,
Now my memory isn't as good these days but I recall the 1964 NY World's Fair 
panning two summer seasons, i.e., it went into 1965.  I visited and operated 
here a few times as WB2ORJ my original callsign.  In the beginning there were 
o Collins radios and I recall it was all Hallicrafters... in fact I still have 
 K2US QSL card from 1964 and on the back it has printed the operating stations 
HT-32B, HT-33B and SX-115
T-44, HT-45 and SX-117
T-32B, HA-2 or HA-6 and SX-115
I believe it was in 1965 that Collins felt left out of such a display of US 
echnology so they donated the S-Line gear.  I never got a chance to use the 
ollins gear because the line of hams out the back of the Coca-Cola pavilion was 
lways too long for my folks or friends to wait for me.  One thing I do recall 
nd I'm not sure to this day why it was there but every time I visited K2US I 
ecall the strong smell of ozone at the back of the Coke Pavilion on the way to 
oor of K2US.   One of my first triple thriller moments was with K2US - 
imultaneously I had my first "mobile" , first 6m and first AM contact with K2US 
n Queens, NY.  My buddies and I had a new Heath Six'er and car battery with a 
alo mounted on a supermarket shopping cart on a hilltop in the Bronx (NY) 
otanical Gardens about a mile from my home.  Now that was what ham radio was 
bout hi.
Congrats on the desk grounding and additional ground rods.  My shack location in 
he family room basement is much too far for running all the radios to a single 
F ground point.  All my vintage gear has been upgraded to 3 wire line cord and 
 have all my radio chassis' grounded to each other, e.g. each station Rcvr, 
mtr, Linear.  I never have any ground loops or RF in the shack and I run QRO 
requently.  I guess I am just lucky.
73 Jerry

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Hi Jerry,
Both Peter and I were each told ours was the worlds fair desk, yet neither of 
s, nor the owner of the third desk, have ever seen a photo of such a desk at 
he fair.  There seems to be a vacuum here.
If you, or anyone, can shed any light on this, it would be appreciated.  If a 
hoto shows up, then perhaps we could study the wood grain and other marks to 
etermine who might have this desk.  The third owner told me he compared the 
rain in his desk with the Collins ad photos, and they are the same.
Pete's desk was at ARRL, W1AW, at one time.  Unknown for sure, where before. He 
urchased his on Ebay from a family member of a ham who bought it from ARRL, and 
efore I found mine in Queens, New York.  There was a prior unknown owner of 
ine other than the seller.
There also was a desk at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia at one time, but 
rom the photos I have seen from there, it was configured somewhat different 
han mine or the other two I know about.  It is said Art Collins donated the 
esk and equipment to the radio club there.  That desk is long gone and the 
resent members of the surviving club have no knowledge about it or where it 
ight have gone.  Franklin Institute closed the ham club exhibit there some 
ears ago and the space has been re-purposed.  (Too bad.)
BTW, Returning from the AWA trip, I now have mine back in the shack, set up and 
orking 100%.  I took the opportunity while it was apart to add some serious 
rounding inside the desk, tied to the shack ground.  That is in turn tied to a 
-foot long copper #6 cable to a copper-clad ground rod which hits the 
round-water table. Pat-Pat (that's me patting myself on my back for finally 
oing it right.  You just can't rush into these things. It takes a couple years 
o study first. :-)
73, John Dilks, K2TQN

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Hi Bud, 
Thanks for an enjoyable bio and welcome back. I was first licensed 50 years ago 
nd also had a long absence until a few years back. I caution you that once you 
tart yielding to your Collins �urge� it becomes addictive and you will want to 
ave every A-line and S-line in your shack. I have had the Collins bug since I 
at at the Collins console at the 1964 NY World�s Fair at age 15. My Dad said he 
ould buy a few new cars for that setup. I think either John Dilks K2TQN or 
eter Zilliox K5PZ eventually acquired that particular World�s Fair Collins 
onsole. I recall John wrote it up in one of his QST articles and he hauled it 
p to Rochester, NY a few months ago for the AWA annual meeting where I had a 
hance to sit by it. Gotta run� the urge is overcoming me to go play with my 
ewly acquired 75A-1 / 32V-3. 
73 Jerry 
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