Re: {Collins} Was there a Collins desk at the 1964 NY World's Fair?

There were either 3, or 4, 30S-3 amplifiers built.  Some of the people involved say 3 while others say 4.  One of those was owned by the late Joe Johnson, W5QBM, who lived across the golf course from me.  Joe had been in the sales department at Collins Radio.  I don't know if Joe had a son.  If so, that particular 30S-3 may have been the one that you saw.  Joe was retired from Collins Radio because of a bad heart.  We buried him on his 50th birthday.  I was one of the pallbearers at his funeral.

Joe had modified his 30S-3 with a switch to disable the auto-tune function because that feature would try to follow the changing load when the linear was used on SSB.  The auto-tune was used when tuning up but was then disabled when actually operating.

I have always wondered where that particular 30S-3 went!
Glen, K9STH


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  There was a fellow here in San Marcos, Ca that had one and sold it a few years ago.  His father was in the sales dept at Collins.  I concluded it was something to admire in the other guy's shack.  I did not buy it.  But what really interested me was what was next to it.  A 30S-3 linear.  That is not a typo, a 30S-3, which is an autotuned 30S-1.  Prototype only.  Too rich for my blood, I think it went to Australia.

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