Re: {Collins} Was there a Collins desk at the 1964 NY World's Fair?

The console that I had definitely had casters so that it could be "wheeled around".

One idea behind the fancy consoles was that they were "wife approved" for use in a den or living room.  This was because when they were "closed up", there was no hint that an amateur radio station was hidden inside and the outside fit in with just about any decor.
Glen, K9STH


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I remember seeing a Collins desk at Radio Products Sales in Los Angeles in 62'.
I had been there a couple of times previously and was drooling on the Collins gear that was installed in the desk.
I'm pretty sure the desk did not have the full desk surface on each side as shown on the Collins Radio Equipment Catalog....only the sloped front surface and a small writing area.
Also...I seem to remember that the entire console was on wheels.
The third time I saw it was when I bought a new Swan 140.....I still have it....and a couple of 240's too.
I think there is little doubt that there were several desks...and probably quite a few replicas in various configurations.

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