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Hi Chris,

I've gone the auto computer matching route with excellent results.  I
let them produce a paint that is as close as possible, and I ask for
some small cups of each color pigment that goes into the paint.  Then I
go home and add bits of pigment as necessary to get an EXACT match.
Usually only a bit of one or two of the pigments is necessary.  The
paint must dry before you can do an evaluation, so I usually use a hair
dryer.  I also purchase some flattening agent and add as much as
necessary to get the desired sheen (high gloss is usually not right).
Beware of adding too much flattening agent at one time or you might get
it too flat and you can't go backwards).   Go in small increments.  With
this technique, I've matched paints that are virtually indiscernible
from a factory paint job.


Tom  K6AD

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Many have had paint mixed and matched to respray their Collins boxes,
and SSN sells it in quarts and bomb cans.  I have purchased some of
their paint before, and it is good..  But not an *exact* match, at least
to the piece I was painting.  My inquiry goes deeper than this though-

Most places including auto body paint shops have a computer matching
system that matches a sample to already present formulations, and rates
how close they are.  They then mix the closest formula, and attempt to
tweak it by hand for a close, but often not exact dead-nuts on match.
For example, a military Front panel I will be spraying was a tweaked
Ford Gray enamel. (Was hoping for a urethane, but it's still an auto
paint so should be tougher than the hardware store stuff).  The end
result is a slight bit lighter and does not have quite the greenish
tinge as the original lacquer, but is the closest I could hope to get of
the suppliers I am aware of.

So my question is this- are there any matching systems that actually
take the sample and spit out a custom formulation that, in theory,
should be exact without need of the operator to tweak it?  Where or what
paint houses have such systems??  I have a 30S-1 that has turned out to
be a much larger project than anticipated, and will be needing to spray
the entire cabinet.  Ideally, it would be nice to have available an
exact color for front panel touch ups, and countless other radios that
weren't built in I-O-way.  Maybe I'm just pickier than most..  But if
I'm going to go to the trouble and effort of having paint custom mixed
and then go through the proper paces to professionally spray it, I want
it to be dead nuts on. 

Chris kc9ieq

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