{Collins} Collins Gold Dust Twins Christmas Challenge Reminder

Seasons Greetings to the list...

This is a friendly reminder that we have 10 days left until the Gold Dust Twins Christmas Challenge.
I have been informed by several individuals that they are making the final touches to getting their
GDT's ready for the challenge. I just returned from a 3 day road trip to Northern California where
I visited two such stations, Werner WB6RAW and Gary K6GLH. It's happening, and guys are doing it!
And George W9EVT, this means you too! 
We had 14 GDT's for the last challenge and I expect we should have double that for December 23rd.
Mark it on your calendar, and for our net controllers for the next net operations, please remind
everyone prior to the 23rd.
Thank you,
73 de Billy N6YW

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