Re: {Collins} Label on the rear of a KWM-380

You are correct, Tom. The dot in the middle of the circle is the indication that the radio left the factory with the accessories installed. However, unless you know the history of the particular radio under consideration, you should remove the radio dust cover and the top shield over the card cage to ascertain whether the radio is still equipped as it came from the factory. Of course, with filters (except perhaps for the AM filter), you should be able to gauge filter performance (or lack thereof) by operating the radio. The reason for the check on installed options is because radios that have changed hands may also have items sold off separately for one reason or another.

Jerry Kessler

At 12:02 PM 12/13/2012, Tom Branton wrote:
Good morning,

May I pull upon the resource folks we have here with a KWM-380 question. I am talking to the son of an SK about purchasing a KWM-380. He is not a ham and long distance we are both trying to determine what filters and accessories are on the radio.

He tells me that on the back is a labeling plate which has eight labeled small round circles some of which have a black dot in the center. Of the eight circles, six have center dots. I suspect this must be an indication of what filters and upgrades have been installed. The radio was bought new in 1981, the noice limiter was installed by the factory in 1982, and it was serviced in 1988. The serial number is 925.

Any information an old (or young) Collins hand could share on understanding the labeling would be appreciated.

Thanks and 73's



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