{Collins} KWS-1 Blower Noise

Hello Group,
I brought up my KWS-1 PS for the very first time a few minutes ago.  It was
recapped about 5 years ago.  Before applying 115vac I blew out any dust in
the PS (virtually none) and made sure the blower fan blade turned freely.
I also used my compressed air gun to blow out the squirrel cage this too
only had minor dust and was able to spin the fan blades easily with the
compressed air - no unusual noises.  On power up, it sounds like the blower
is having some sort of meta-metal  rubbing or perhaps it's supposed to sound
this way without the airhose (and lack of back pressure).  
Can anyone with a working KWS-1 perhaps let me call them later today by
I would appreciate your opinion about the noise to see if I am being overly
73 Jerry

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