Re: {Collins} KWS-1 PA Filament Voltage

Thanks to all who replied.  I found the metering resistor in the schematic
R707 and it read low about 3000 instead of 3900.  I checked the filament vac
before the resistor and it was 6.06 vac on position #3.  One day when I take
down the front panel I will replace it but right now a meter reading of 9.2
seems spot on hihi

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and HNY

73 Jerry

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Start with the barrier strip approach. MUCH easier and that will tell you
whether it is a metering problem or a real problem.  I suspect metering but
you need to conform that.


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Hello Listmates,
I finally got my RF deck hooked up to the PS and with the xmtr setup in
Tune, HV Plate switch off, emission in Cal and Filament Setting #1 - my
filament voltage on the multimeter reads around 8.  I suspect it's some
resistor(s) in the metering circuit that have gone high but before applying
HV I would like to be certain and determine the correct 6.0 v filament
setting position on the PS.  Is there an accessible test point anywhere
without breaking the PS interlocks or opening up the bottom of the RF deck
to check of the PA filament voltage?  I have read that some say to check it
in the rear of the PS on barrier strip TB501 #2 while others say to open up
the bottom of the RF deck and check it from C418.  Seems like having the
correct PA filament voltage would be a pretty basic thing and maybe Collins
designed an easy test point not mentioned in the manual.   In the meantime I
will go over the schematic to see where the suspect meter resistors are
physically located.
73 Jerry

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