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Can anyone provide wiring info. to use a PTT EV 638 with a KWM-380?

Doug Benedict

See scroll to the bottom where there is a link to a PDF data sheet. The microphone itself has no provision for a PTT switch so that must be a part of the stand. An EV stand which was used with this mic is shown at:

which has a wiring diagram for the switch in the stand. You can probably home brew something to provide the switch. I don't know how the KWM-380 is wired but most rigs have an RTS connector with the mic element wired between sleeve and ring and the PTT from sleeve to tip. Some rigs have other connectors and some are four wire requiring a separate return for the PTT and mic ground. I don't have a KWM-380 manual to look at.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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