Re: {Collins} ALC and 30S-1 drop out - a question

I am thinking that your S-Line xmtr went to full output for a short time and
that smacks of an intermittent in the carrier control area...Maybe an
intermittent ground on the pot or ???


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Hi all,

Does anyone have a possible answer to why my 32S-3 transmitter meter (set to
monitor ALC) suddenly pegged and the 30S-1 dropped out?

Id like some ideas before either it happens again or I dig in and try to
determine what happened (please don't think me lazy).

Below is my original email from 12/16/12 for reference.

Walt Cheatham K7CCA



Today while I was checking in on the CCA Sunday Prenet, I was talking to
Jerry - N4JL, and suddenly I noticed my 32S-3 meter (set for ALC) pegged and
the 30S-1 dropped out.

I "went for it" and put the 30S-1 back "ON" and all was normal from then on.

After I finished saying what I HAD been sawing, Jerry mentioned that he
noticed I had dropped out a moment earlier.

The only thing I can think of is that it had been raining (lightly)
yesterday and MAYBE my Dipole antenna was damp at the center. This was the
first time I have been on the air since two weeks ago.

So, any ideas what happened? I have NOT looked into anything yet.

Should I be worried or wait and see if it happens again and the IF it
happens again, then start looking for the cause.

Walt K7CCA



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