{Collins} FS: Solderable Wire Connectors

Approximately one hundred (100)solder type coiled copper wire connectors/splicers with various lengths and three different inside diameters. They will fit over wire sizes used on 1/2, 1, and 2 watt resistors and up to #10 wire.   These connectors are very handy to use where a component is mounted on the top side of a PC board and is soldered on the back of board.  They are very simple to use.  Just clip the wire of the bad component close to the body, on both sides, remove the bad component. Use the wire splicer to connect the new component then solder. It will produce a professional solder joint. In those cases where there are multiple components soldered together you do not need to unsolder the whole connection just clip out the bad component and use the existing wire to use the connector/splicer on. Also if an existing wire is to short use the splicer to make the wire longer. $12.95 shipped.


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