Re: {Collins} 32V1 Sidetone quality

Hi All,

Please don't laugh, grown or roll your eyes but the sidetone from my TO keyer was also very raspy due to the high harmonic content of the output. I used an audio filter (Vectronics kit) to remove the higher harmonics and now I have a more pleasing tone. You can probably use the same idea on the V1.


Steve KC5WN

On 12/18/2012 8:40 PM, k7fm wrote:
The 6SL7 sidetone oscillator in the 32V1 is a multivibrator circuit. It does not put out a sine wave and is rich in harmonics. You are hearing what it is putting out and yes, it did leave the factory that way. The old sine wave oscillators need time to stabilize and probably did not key fast enough.

I was curious whether the 32V2 and 32V3 used the same circuit. Did not find the 32V-3 on the website, nor the schematic for the 32V-2, but the 32V-2 also uses a 6SL7, so likely the same circuit.

73,  Colin  K7FM

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