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I concurwith Richard. As perhaps in an industrial vacuum cleaner trading a little 'paint' with car S-3B. "We vaccum but we don't clean windowsnor gray metal boxes".

Robert W4RL Pensacola

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This may sound a tad strange....recently several cleaning ladies were at our house giving it a good going-over, and they seemed to have 'cleaned' my 75S-3B which was in a corner of the kitchen. After they left I noticed the meter/dial lamps didn't illuminate, nor did a handful of tube filaments, plus I had no audio (rear RCA jack or headphone jack). I figured out the lamps (the low voltage a.c. passes through the power connect assembly and the connector had been knock cock-eyed enough to lose the low voltage connection). BUT...I cannot seem to find the audio problem. Any ideas what could have been done in a 'cleaning' that would make it lose audio? I am reluctant to open her up as it must have been an external effect.
Jim  N3ZJ

I forgot that you should also check the wiring of the socket. If the dummy plug got bumped hard enough to knock it loose it may have bent something on either side.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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