Re: {Collins} Peculiar situation re 75S-3B

The 75S-3B does not have a dummy plug/socket.

Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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    Check the dummy plug to see if its still making contact 
on the filament lines and grounds.  I suspect some of the 
tubes are not getting filament voltage.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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> This may sound a tad strange....recently several cleaning 
> ladies were at our house giving it a good going-over, and 
> they seemed to have 'cleaned' my 75S-3B which was in a 
> corner of the kitchen. After they left I noticed the 
> meter/dial lamps didn't illuminate, nor did a handful of 
> tube filaments, plus I had no audio (rear RCA jack or 
> headphone jack).
> I figured out the lamps (the low voltage a.c. passes 
> through the power connect assembly and the connector had 
> been knock cock-eyed enough to lose the low voltage 
> connection). BUT...I cannot seem to find the audio 
> problem.
> Any ideas what could have been done in a 'cleaning' that 
> would make it lose audio? I am reluctant to open her up as 
> it must have been an external effect.
> Thanks...
> Jim  N3ZJ


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