Re: {Collins} feeding antenna from KWM2


Since the rig is OK into a dummy load, the first thing I would do is beg,
borrow, or buy an antenna analyzer.  You get factual results - fast!  I
seriously doubt that 15 feet of coax is an issue for an 80 meter operation,
but ... you never know for certain.  An analyzer will give you actual SWR
and real world impedance at the operating frequency.  Simply disconnect the
line between the antenna coupler and rig at the rig end and connect the
analyzer.  You should see the problem very quickly.  

Let us know what you find.  Merry Christmas as well.

Dale Svetanoff, WA9ENA
CCA Member

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> Date: 12/19/2012 7:33:09
> Subject: {Collins} feeding antenna from KWM2
>   ANTENNA /feedline  advice... the KWM2  goes via  a swr meter  and
> Transmatch coupler to a 50 ohm coax line,.The  coax is connected to a 
> -(unbalanced to balanced ) thence via ladder line to a off centre fed wire
> antenna . 
> On 80 M using all possible C and  Inductor settings, a reasonable match
> cannot  be obtained .... Reflected VSWR very poor (high)  - very high and
> indication  of any useful power out. 
> QUESTION ... the length of  coax to the balun is  about 15  feet...To be
> tried with shorter length by lengthening the ladder line  but in the
> interim, is there  considered opinion that this long line of  coax is
> contributing to a 'non event' in a matching contest ?
> The Tx loads fine into a dummy load . The ARRL Transmatch a replica of the
> design in the Handbook circa 1978 or there  about s.
> C heers  and  Seasons greeting to all. thanks .
> Pete VK3IZ
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