{Collins} FS: HP410C Multimeter

Excellent condition HP410C multimeter.  This is the model with the hybrid plug-in module.  The
unit has been fully checked out and works great.  Comes with AC probe with ground clip, AC cord. 
New test leads.  Non smoking environment. Meter scale and panel markings clear and distinct. The manual is available on BAMA or downloaded from the Internet. When this instrument is connected to external AC gear it MUST be used with an isolation transformer - NO EXCEPTIONS.  If this rule is not followed disastrous results will occur.  This caution notice appears in the HP manuals. The HP410B/C is the one to use on your Collins gear. A DVM is not satisfactory for peaking or nulling a circuit as the digital readout or bargraph does not respond quickly enough to show the intended results. $165.00 plus shipping.

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