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The most recent issue of Signal was just outstanding.  Thank you and the
Signal staff for such a great publication.

Mike W2IY

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As many of you know, the CCA has been providing more and more information on
our website for your needs. This information is provided for free in order
to foster our main purpose which is Preservation and Education.

We also provide a Membership Level set of benefits which include receiving
our quarterly Signal Magazine. Over the last 5 years, the Signal has
continued to grow better and larger in content including many articles on
rare equipment, member shacks and technical resource and maintenance
articles. You can see some of these later issues by going to the website and
clicking on CCA SIGNALS on the toolbar.  The last Q4 2012 issue of the
magazine is out now and is another step forward in our attempt to provide
you with the very best service and information that we can. It is now 24
pages, an even nicer format, full color, gloss cover and bound and we are
proud of it. We will be using this format improvement from this time
forward. The magazine, as it always has been, is mailed in a first class
envelope at no extra charge so that it arrives undamaged and ready to enjoy.

You can see a sample PDF of this last issue by clicking on the new posted
headline on our website at

Browse around on the website while you are at it and see the new material
that has been added. We are focusing right now on manuals and literature and
also documentation of  THE EQUIPMENT OF COLLINS RADIO.  We - literally - add
new material every few days.

If you like what you see, and like the magazine, consider supporting our
objectives and become a member today. You get the magazine, discounts on CCA
and Collins embroidered clothing, and many more benefits to come this year
including discounts at our events and a new Members Only area of the website
coming soon.


Bill Carns, N7OTQ
K0CXX, Trustee MRCCC
President Collins Collectors Association
Editor, Signal Magazine
Founding Member # AC94-0009
512 618 2762 (Cell + VM)
512 847 7010 (Home + Fax)


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