{Collins} A Challenge - Billy Yates Style :-)



The Dayton Hamvention days and Dallas Hamcom CCA events are coming up.  They
will be here before we know it.


I am throwing out a challenge. Let's all bring some pictures of our Collins
Shack or Collection, or favorite Collins group gathering. You all bring the
pictures for a great Show - N - Tell  session and the CCA will provide a
social room and refreshments and nibblies for a great time.   Might even be
some beer in the refreshments at Dayton.


BUT, I need to know the count to make sure we get what we are shooting for.


So, I challenge you to put together a little personal "portfolio" in some
form. It can be a group of photos on a laptop or your  iPad, or printed
photos - however you want to do it.  Just something that can be gathered
around or shared.


THEN, let me know that you are doing it (just email me and say: "I'm In at
Dayton or Dallas or both) and we will make the room happen. I will keep a
running list and let you all know how we are doing.  It will be on Saturday
Afternoon late - and into the evening - at Dayton and it will be at our
booth at Dallas which will be inside again this year.  You bring pictures -
you get free refreshments.  Bribe Time!  J  SHARE YOU FUN!


Standing By.. P.S.  I am bringing some of my shack.



Bill Carns, N7OTQ

K0CXX, Trustee MRCCC

President Collins Collectors Association

Editor, Signal Magazine

Founding Member # AC94-0009

512 618 2762 (Cell + VM)

512 847 7010 (Home + Fax)






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