{Collins} More info on the 32S-3 meter pegged on ALC.


I have a thought about my recent ALC meter pegging situation on my 32S-3, which I recently asked about, that I wish to share with you all and see if the idea makes any sense.

Some background first. For the last few weeks the AC supply to my house has had an occasional power “blink”. It is totally random as to when it happens and I have not paid much attention to which lights and such “blinked”.

I know for sure that there are two basic 110 VAC circuits in my house. I further know that the 220 VAC is derived from both 110 VAC circuits (actually I know – the 220 VAC is used to supply both 110 VAC legs).

So, with all that I am thinking that only one leg of my 220 VAC, that is feeding the house, had that particular blink rather than BOTH legs.

So, IF that is TRUE then I can see or should I say, understand, that my 30S-1 would drop out for just that short instant while the 32S-3 (probably on the other leg) didn't “see” the blink.

So, does this make sense? Am I on the right track?

I am planning to be on the 20 Meter Sunday net tomorrow and will be watching to see if the same thing happens and IF it does then I hope to be on the alert to try to see if there is anything external that caused the 30S-1 to drop out and then the 32S-3 meter (set to monitor ALC) to go pegged.

I also wish to say thank you to all that replied with great words of wisdom recently on my situation.

Walt Cheatham – K7CCA

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