Re: {Collins} 75S-3 for CB!

Great find! Nice to see it rescued from the Children's Band. My very second ever Collins, was a KWM-2A, that some CB'er wanted to trade for a Yaesu FT-101E. I wound up trading him some old CB junk, and 2-Hallicrafters receivers for it, back in the early 90's. then money got tight, and I sold it for a lot less than I should have, but I got my investment out of it, and the OM who bought it, was happy and appreciative. First Collins was a 75A-1, that I had to give it away, to sell a Viking II, with the 122 VFO, for $175. Another, in a long line of radio regrets.
BTW, it is officially Christmas, here on the Left Coast, so let me wish all, a Merry Christmas.


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I'm bringing up a 75S-3 / 32S-3 combo, both recently purchased, but not as a pair.  I was pleased to see the 10 meter crystal slots were all full in the 75S-3, saving me from buying the extra 10M crystals.  But when I pulled the crystals to see what frequencies they covered, I was surprised to learn they were for 27.0, 27.2, and 27.4 MHz.  I guess a ham wannabe used this on CB at some point, obviously a good choice.  I'm enjoying some down-time from work for radio time.  Merry Christmas to the group.

Gaylord Hart

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