{Collins} Merry Christmas, to my fellow Collins enthusiasts!

I am experiencing a bit of radio withdrawal syndrome. The past week, my wife, and I, have been making our annual Tamales, so I thought I might "get my fix" of radio, by quickly jumping on the reflector, here and wishing one and all, a Very Merry Christmas.
Then, it's back to making Tamales. 5 dozen left to make, and that will take all day. I wish I could share them with any here who would enjoy. But, even at 45 dozen, we have barely enough to give to family and fill the paid orders. I think I have corn masa coming out of my ears.
Thankfully, tomorrow, it's back to the solace of the shack, and the warmth and glow of the tubes.
Merry Christmas, to all!

Pomona, CA
Real Radios Glow in the dark, and have LETHAL voltages!!!
12VDC radios are for sissies!
Collector/Operator, of Drake, Collins, Hammarlund and Johnson, Tube-Type, Transmitters & Receivers
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In memory of Spc. Daniel L. Carlson U.S.A., KIA 9 November, 2012
He was a dedicated soldier, and Patriot.
>From a very grateful American.
Rest in Peace, Danny. You will always be missed.

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