{Collins} 30S-1 parts discussion

Greetings to the list
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did.
In looking to the new year and as indicated in the recent Signal Magazine. I am looking
to not only get my KWM-380 back in action but also my 30S-1 which will be integral in
this station. The plate transformer and other items will be addressed.
A couple of questions:
I am thinking of producing a limited run of replacement "Thirty S-One" logos as found on
the front door of the cabinet. These are next to impossible to find and mine is destroyed.
To me, the amplifier must have one of these in place but what can one do in order to replace
one? Well, knowing full well how Jewelers produce molds in order to cast metals, the same
applies here to the logo. Aside from the initial mold setup costs, it wouldn't cost much to 
produce them and seeing how there wouldn't be a giant need for a massive production run,
I am thinking maybe having 100 produced would be a good number.
Here's the problem: I need a donor in order to produce the rubber mold for the wax casting.
This will not hurt the logo at all. Is there anyone who could provide a loaner in order to make
this happen? I would need it for approximately one month and it would be returned insured
and in the same condition, along with a complimentary replacement logo after the run.
So, what are your thoughts on this? The metal used versus what it should be made of is
the next and obvious discussion point. Those logos seem to break easily and were made
from some sort of pot metal or equivalent. I am leaning towards something that would bend
before breaking, like brass or aluminum. Maybe high impact plastic that can be chromed.
This is not my area of expertise but I am willing to go for it. Your feedback is appreciated.
Also, the pilot lamp assembly. Where can these be found? Mine was missing the lens and of
course is very difficult to source, or so it seems. Any ideas on this?
I have never seen either of these items for sale and to me it's a no brainer that a replacement
logo be made available.
Thank you.
Billy Yates N6YW


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