{Collins} CCA 20 Meter Challenge 2.0

Greetings to all
On the heels of what I would characterize as a couple of very good net results
from the 2 GDT challenges, comes the suggestion from Jenks that maybe another
challenge is worth considering and his has a lot of merit. The KWM-2 challenge.
This is significant for a variety of reasons because there are quite a lot of them 
in operation and wouldn't it be hoot to have 40 of them come on the air during
the net? I will leave it up to the net manager and his controls to decide when.
What the heck, right? Now, I have to be correct on this one so here it is:
I cannot make the challenge because I no longer own a KWM-2, so someone else 
will have to formally make the challenge that has one. I think that's fair.

As time goes on, we can be very creative with this challenge format and it's probably
a good idea not to saturate the nets with constant challenges, so maybe we make
it an occasional or even seasonal item. How ever this is managed I can guarantee
that it will always be fun! And, it enhances the interest in the various Collins equipment
and can be a conduit to the continued growth of this excellent institution.

The excellent stewardship of the CCA will no doubt create some great opportunities
for everyone to get involved and "Enjoy their Collins"

73 de Billy N6YW


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