Re: {Collins} Collins Prototype?

Nope, not a Collins cabinet. Look at the thickness of the trim ring. This is a Collins look-a-like cabinet by a commercial cabinet manufacturer. Prestige or Premier or something like that. I think a few companies made tuners, amps etc. in them to match the Collins S-Line.

This is obviously a home brew, NOT a Collins prototype.

However, the seller could at least hose it off which would improve the look 100 % What a dirt fest......Yuck!

73, Charlie k3ICH

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There is a strange looking transmitter listed on eBay now (330679426177) with two 813's in it. The listing person says it may be a home brew or possibly a Collins or other manufacturer. Looks like it has a Collins cabinet on it. Do any of you ex-Collins folks know if there was ever a prototype like this developed? I suspect it is a home brew, but thought I'd ask.


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