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Good info Dave!
This is a good quality alternative to the less expensive Neutrik plug.
It looks like the 502-480X is the only one that has a brass body like the
Perhaps the others are brass that has been plated...dunno.
The Neutrik is also mfgd to MIL 642/**

Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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Collins Mic Connectors:

The original PJ-068 (Switchcraft) Military Aviation .206" Mic Plug has been
replaced by the M642/51 for Military applications.  It is the equivalent
quality Mic connector.

There are at least 3 Switchcraft versions of the .206" 3-conductor Mic Plus
available from Mouser.  
Don't go by Mouser's pictures, use the Switchcraft description.  Here are
both Switchcraft & Mouser #s

They are not easy to find so here goes:

               Original style M642/51 Military Mic Plug  (Black Handle) is
Switchcraft 480X    Mouser 502-480X     MIL TYPE 3-conductor 0.206" plug,
screw terminal, black handle, 
                                        MIL P/N M642/5-1            In Stock
today   $21.12  Yikes! 

                Commercial Versions:
Switchcraft S260    Mouser 502-S-260    .206" 3-conductor Plug, Screw
terminals, black handle

                                                                    In Stock
today   $ 9.85
Switchcraft S267    Mouser 502-S-267    .206" 3-conductor Plug, Solder Lug &
Cable Clamp terminals, black handle 
                                                                    In Stock
today   $ 9.50
In spite of the price of the 480X, the quality is really nice (like

73 Dave WI6R

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When I tried to check into the 3805 net last week I couldn't key the KWM-2A.
I wiggled the mic connector around and it worked but I had to hold it in
place so I benched the rig and mic.
I found that the el-cheapo mic plug had an intermittent internal contact. 
I rummaged around in the junque bin without finding anything.

The next day I was on the phone with Jim KJ6EPD and I mentioned the mic
He suggested I take a look at the Neutrik series of connectors.
I found them at Markertek.
The part number is NP3CM-B

The link is long and will wrap around so add the second line to your

I just received a handful of them and they are the highest quality and easy
to assemble.
Look here for the instructions.
Click the NP3TM link.

They are the correct .206 o/d 'stereo' size to fit Collins and Drake.

I also got some new Heil mic cable from R&L electronics.

Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.


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