{Collins} S: SSB Product Detector for Collins 75A3

FS: SSB Product Detector for Collins 75A3. Universal Services Company of
Columbus Ohio, the main Collins dealer at the time offered a Product
Detector that plugged directly into the NBFM socket of the 75A-2 and 75A-3
receivers. It has a copper plated chassis and the passband control went
through a hole that was drilled in the front panel by removing the Collins
winged emblem. This one does not come with the linkage to bring control
forward to the front panel. I used it on my 75A-3 by changing the passband
from Lower Sideband to Upper Sideband by opening the top lid and manually
changing the position of the detector. The Model # is A2-3. It comes with a
copy of the manual. It works goods great. Pictures are available. Price is
$135 shipped. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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