{Collins} Collins Prototype?

It was reported to me that this email did not come out to the List as I had
the List in CC? So here it is once again.  I apologize if you already
received it:

Bud (LMB) once made a "Look-a-like" cabinet (See my homebrew station from
the early '70s, I'm resurrecting at the bottom of my QRZ page).  Oddly I
discovered they are still available today!

Here is the link to LMB Heeger

The smaller ones are nice to make some accessories for the station like
Dummy Loads and Electronic Keyers.

73 Dave WI6R

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There is a strange looking transmitter listed on eBay now (330679426177)
with two 813's in it.  The listing person says it may be a home brew or
possibly a Collins or other manufacturer.  Looks like it has a Collins
cabinet on it.  Do any of you ex-Collins folks know if there was ever a
prototype like this developed?  I suspect it is a home brew, but thought
I'd ask.


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